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The Pacific Rim has been a region of tremendous conflict in the past but it is gradually emerging as a zone of peace. However, the new dynamism across the Pacific has been associated with trade rather than culture, consumption rather than conservation. The Pacific must symbolize more than commerce and trade or even peace. The Pacific Rim Parks seeks extend the connections created by our shared ocean by bridging cultures, celebrating the beauty of shared public spaces, and promoting respect for the environment.

The Pacific promises a new culture, characterized by tremendous diversity. That diversity, ambiguity and mystery are a shared richness that enhances us all. Yet, this new culture is only vaguely experienced and understood. We believe that it is valuable to bring people from diverse national backgrounds together in a cooperative way, working towards a shared goal of celebrating the shared future of the Pacific Rim. We know from our previous work that this process inspires local citizens, while teaching architecture students how to use their talents to build bridges of understanding.  We believe this project can play an important role in leading the region toward a new and more compassionate future.